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tv   [untitled]    May 18, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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conventional dispatch. several things fall into place very nicely and that's should be the very next item of business, not more cast. basically you're finding a political solution to a business problem. another business solution, drivers have an optional guaranteed speed to be determined to be figured out later. thank you. >> mark gruber, followed by peter witt and then sam ariem. >> i wanted to address the suggestion of a gate increase which came up during the previous conversation but it was not on your agenda. i jus would like to point out
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that the bone that was thrown was a token 25 cents on the meter which was the only thing that he gotten in the past plus years. of that $12 $1:50 was because cab companies were supposed to be hybrids. -- of that $1.50, was because cab companies were used to be hybrids. so that $7:50 brings them in $15,000 to $20,000. it pays more for the vehicle himself in. now they have that mel on the credit cards saving them
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millions of dollars more a year. we're not even talk about all of the other and pushing fives, 10s, make sure they're not going to be discriminated against. do cab companies need a gate increase? >> i would say no. but the other thing that hasn't been done here and i don't think it's going to be done, has anybody looked at their books? this used to be a requirement. they use stoud have to do this on -- used that to what what they're pooks look like. if you want to confirm drivers so they don't count in your eyes, go ahead with the peter increase. >> sam here?
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basham joe,. >> mr. moment -- mohammed. humberto castro. hold on. i'mgoing going to move down. think most of these gentlemen have letter. >> herbert winer, former, as for consolidating traffic stops, it's meaning less and service. a surface. they're going to have to walk to catch that bus. it's nobody and there's extra loathing time because you have more people.
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the other thing i noted in the newspaper for collective bargaining negotiations, the mta hired a public relations man and. i consider that. that money could have been used for buses. it could have been used for mainness. the other thing i want to focus on is the resuscitation of the transited sector from this rodget. -- project. m.t.a.'s personnel screens information and the report may been accurate. something from the group should
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share with the group. that would not inhibit the participation. a lot of people were very unhappy with the results including myself. the motto should say passengers first. >> michael wong, pejia madahar. ok. ken will follow. and then john haans. jerry mcchoir. the other night i had a pgnd e
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lineup. unless you cuddle up for 10 or 12 hours a day it is not harlemful. some are the choice of the m.t.a. board. you should ask that board if they saw that movie. someone with julia roberts, erin brockovich. >> i've you had small peters. how did you feel when they said we're going to put a smart meet ner their home? you don't feel uneasy about it. and how you would feel going to work each day wondering if my work is toxic. hybrids are a -- they're eight times the level of an average commuter mind.
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high e.m.s. 52% than that. thont tonight it's brain follow is this good for the public? you need to have a moratorium that they're puting on this cab. in testing i'm told by the director ayisher -- it's your responsible to show us that these cats are not harmful. we also need to -- i think it's -- advised drivers and passengers that you should never ever use a cell phone in a car or taxi unless it's an energy. -- emergency. >> ken cue blenser, -- i'm a
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driver for the driving ed. i can certainly understand that the issue of part of the increase at the drop needs be clarified. it'ses two it's two issues. ahead of the that's a very complex separate issue. >> i've been paying a fuel surcharge for a couple of years ago now. they had higher expenses. i think that increase -- the
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gate increase might warned. i think that's ea -- what we work together. they help all sorts of issues. people brought up radiation. i don't know about that. they're in a steel case with relatively sharp corners. back street passengers do knot have to wear seat brelts or -- seatbelts. the issue on that as far as safety issues. there's never been a fee to the driver for doing it. are you throwing your months out of regular lation. tham they a-- they will not pay
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for the credit card feed because it goes against merchant agreement. they cannot pay surcharges. >> thrrps volumes and volumes of ticts issuesed i along with the mark dero. -- embarcadero. we get things for $1,000 ticket just for i'm like to say that a few weeks ago i dropped someone off. they wanted to go to the fairytale league. i drooped them off on the other side. and i'm nervous about getting a
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ticket for it. i saw something absolutely extraordinary. i mean, i thought that was just excellent. i pulled over into a bike lane and a guy in an operation jacket. he weighed me down. heap the people get the cab afmento. and i just thought that was ex-lend. is and i have to ask myself, is this the wonderful work of the n.t.a.? if it's not and that's just something that happened all by itself. i would like to bring the a.t.n.'s relationship. that's a relation with people who want to cash cabs in those areas. it's dye day and night between having p.c.o.'s out there, waiting for them.
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already -- that was just excellent. and that is the right way to do it. thanks. >> david pilpal. in terms of the 20 tunnel, the p.c.c. cards were not the originals. just so that you're aware of that. those c.c.c.'s came later. different size and consideration. also with regard to overtime, i want to make clear that some overtime are used with people on their day off is ok. it's the fact of one way to go. now it's unscheduled over time. requires unhiring and training
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above because we aren't at that level. that requires ongoing coordination between coordination and the transit division. ultimately i think that operations training which is not as i understand that are mr. mason really ought to be mouffed from the hailey transition. it's very odd for the transit operation system under the operation system. i would edge consider for you to we. we couldn't have a better training system by moving it that way. thank you very much.
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>> good evening, directors. as i look to the future plan, meetings and an x ray bill. one of our requests are separate that, june 6, and june 8. would show be only for the people. so the people that are coming there they're not jumping on each other's subject and they will not be concluding in the less possible time. which item would you like to put first and the item second. the second thing is about the council. it was designed in such a way as she intended to have the cap on valued holders. so it was designed in the way that nine people in the capital
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of the number nine. here comes three people who are are waiting. but as you come close to 1 or 200 numbers. the rest of the three drivers were taken from shadow. they don't care about your job, or what you're doing. like if i'm facing you, i'm happy because i know all of you are individuals. you have certain whether to be. and you're not going to fall into any traps. >> thank you very much. >> haans to kim.
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and those are the last two. >> good afternoon, again, directors, i want to take this opportunity to talk about several different issues. and i want you to contain information on taxi matters. when we talk about fundamental problems with the tree is the one. 90% of all the taxicab neighborhood work. so in other words, half our fleet does not serve the neighborhood calls. and we have to use. rougherly 793, and half of them do not seven is any. second operation, since i have been involved, i have not seen
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as much as i've seen today efment i will tell you that on a daily basis where i i love in if witch month district, i see vehicles that are pabed -- pained for you to look at. now we're lucky that we haven't had any service incidents yet. this is something that has to be addressed meety. second, i cannot meet -- i'm sorry, third. i can no meet the demand of our done -- company. we had to turn away. that's the same as. lastly, i would support a plan that is currently shelfed.
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it's called o.j. open taxi access. this allows them to have complete knowledge for what the taxicab in san francisco. >> the last person's who turn it is to speak. >> barry cargo, p of the san francisco cab driver's association and i'm a member of the tax advisory council. >> i'd like to first of all, clarify that if you're going to name all these things with the meter increase and the tay times. i'm talking about surcharges, medallions because that's the whole larger discussion that includes with visiting the dispatch problems. i think there's a problem. i would like to support the tax. and also as the taxi problems,
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there are no citizens on the tax advisory council. i heard bruce oaka said earlier. it's -- it needs to be the discussion of the council needs be revisited. it is a little waited on the side of company owners and stockholders. and maybe there are are some other problems. i think it's another forum for you guys to hear from people who know the taxi industry, not somebody who's guessing. you're never going to go a representative of all taxi drivers or all public citizens. you can just do the best you can. as far as illegal a relative of mine was asking me why do they
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have $135. someone put him in a cab which turned time-out be an illegal cab. he got tipped on top of that. even though there is not a robly, they're being robbed by this illegal cost. there may be other people who wish to address the sport. >> excuse me for my attire but i'm ripping and running through the halls which i call silly hall. y'all may not know me. i'm h. washington. i respect the only african-american news representation in city hall and have been for a number of years. i've been monitoring many
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activities here, redevelopment, housing and authority simply because i've been requested to work with some of the muni drivers or talk to them. i've also been requesting to meet with mr. ford for five years. i'm not blaming mr. ford. i'm blaming his staff members because i am the only african-american media person here. and yes, i do want our african-americans to hear what comes from this man. i think he's doing a wonderful job. but yet, by his staff or whom ever having a disconnect for me to have the opportunity to interview, to talk to this man. i think it's really disingenuous of his staff. so i'm not here to basher mr. forbes but i am here to request
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an opportunity to talk to mr. ford to give his interpretation and what he plans to do. we do have a lot of african-americans that are drives,. we want to tell you our story. but yet i want to sit down with mr. ford first. get his i'd. -- forgive me for my attire. i would like people to hear your story. this is ace and i'm on the case. >> i know it's kind of hard -- >> could you state your name? >> walter paulson. >> ♪ they really want to meet you
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mr. ford want to meet you mr. ford and it takes along mr. ford they really want to see you really want to be with you really want to meet you ford and it takes a long in the bus oh, it comes so long oh come along they really want to see you ford want to be with you ford but it takes so long ♪ and there's a fancy beer bottle. ♪ see, i was born revelling man trying to make the m.a.c. the best i can. and i saw some drinking in the back of a bus doing lots of graffiti and lots of stuff and they don't want to see them end up on the wrong side of the
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law and you'll text it over what you saw city i was born a rambling man trying to make the city the best i can and they're always having a good time on the back of the bus jam bling and doing lots of stuff make it better soon you can ♪ ♪ thanks. >> directors this is completion of public comment. moving on to your consent calendars. items on the consent calendars. a member of the board which is to have an item considered separately. no members of public has indicated to have an item separate.
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>> all those in favor? >> aye. >> as previously noted some of the items on the consent calendar have been removed having to do with the executive director and a successor. those items are off the agenda with regard to one matter on the agenda, the conference four conference with the real property gauche tor and i'm required to state in advance ha the properties have to do with 949 stockton street. 801 market street, the under ground eastment 1455, discussions that people negotiating are cheryl wang and tom mccrist. the party's negotiating are norman c. chan, w.c. chang, barbecue situation.
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mintron and the language group incorporated, richies official small center, beverly c. sasss, . you have a member of the public who wishes to address you prior to your motion to go into closed session. >> ok. >> david filpel. two comments. i would remind you my position at the central subway is a bad transit project. and we need not acquire this real property. with regard to item five in closed session, i note that this is an e. e.o. complaint. i know this is a former employee of the agency now
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former. it seems to nea and i don't know any of the specials of this that someone was responsible for the conduct that led to this complaint and proposed settlement and whoever that is should be held accountability if that person is still on staff and that person's an at-will employee they should be disciplined or terminated. we should not have employees in the city that are causing adverse circumstances in the workplace that lead to the e.e.o. complaint in my opinion and perhaps if you're going into closed session, that's something that you ask discuss. thanks very much. >> ok. take care. >> it's -- moved to do so. >> second. >> s
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>> we are back in session, we voted yet immensely to settle the case. the board also discussed real- estate matters. to approve a few agreements, a loss of good will for the amount of $300,000. the amount of 25,000, $640. -- $25,640. directors, it will be appropriate for a motion to disclose or not disclosed. . that concludes the business before you today. >> want to thank my colleagues for their patients, the meeting is adjourned. -- i want to thank my
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colleagues for their patience.